• Libra

    Libra is a range of products designed to offer simple and accurate load measurements for use in any number of rigging and load bearing applications.

    There are three main elements to a system: the load cell, the hub/power supply and the viewing and programming software. The Libra system also offers full connectivity with other Kinesys products allowing load measuring to be a part of any system.

  • DigiHoist

    DigiHoist is a fixed speed digital control system for chain hoists with safety group functionality which has been created to be a flexible, configurable, next generation control solution.

    DigiHoist incorporates all the safety functionality required to work in group hoist mode and is in compliance with many strict EU standards. Load monitoring, group stop, positioning and self healing emergency stop are standard DigiHoist features, all working within a user friendly digital platform.

  • Elevation

    Elevation is Kinesys’ truss mounting variable speed chain hoist control solution.

    Designed to be located locally to the chain hoist that it controls, this innovative approach removes the need for large quantities of cabling and permits a number of motors and controllers to be supplied by single power and data cables.

  • Velocity 2

    The Velocity 2 system is centered around the new Velocity 2 drive - a variable speed controller that incorporates SIL3 safety for high-end automation equipment.

    The Velocity 2 line provides a robust customized automation solution for open-loop or closed-loop control of induction, linear, and servo motors for winches, turntables, elevators, and other stage machinery, including safety functionality up to SIL3.

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