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License Issues with Network Cards


K2 'locks' itself to the machine using the unique MAC address of a network card. If the machine K2 is installed on has multiple network cards it will lock itself to the one with an active network connection. If no active network connection is present then it will pick the first one assigned by Windows.
A problem can arise if the network adapter K2 has been licensed to is disabled when launching or running K2.
An example of this would be a machine with a wireless and wired network connectivity, where K2 was licensed using the wireless internet connection, which is then disabled when using K2. If this happens K2 will start up in Demo mode.
In versions of K2 above 2XX it is possible to change the license details and network adapter using the About window in K2.
In versions of K2 below 2XX it is not possible to change the network adapter once licensed. There are two options to remedy this situation.

  • Upgrade the K2 installation to a version of K2 higher than 2XX
  • Uninstall, unlicense, reinstall and relicense the existing version of K2. To do this follow the instructions below.
  • Go to the Run command in the Start Menu and type in regedit and click OK
  • In the registry editor go to My Computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Kinesys/K2 and look for the line in the right hand pane called ActiveLicenceCode
  • Right click on this and select Delete
  • Start K2 (ensuring you are using have the appropriate network connection enabled), you will be presented with a license screen asking for K2 to be licensed, follow the instructions to relicense K2.


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