Kinesys with Rigging Europe at Prolight and Sound in Frankfurt

04 Mar, 2008

Rigging Europe will showcase Kinesys products on their stand at the 2008 Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt. The highlight of which will include the worldwide launch of the new Evo vari-speed hoist controller.
Rigging Europe is a new company formed from a partnership between two of Europe's most experienced and well respected sales companies - Louis Reyners from the Netherlands and Sonoss from France. Conceived as a one-stop rigging supplier, RE works all over Europe embracing multiple entertainment industry sectors - concert touring, theatre, film and TV, corporate and special events and installations and venues of all types - distributing a full range of the highest quality rigging and automation products from leading international brands.

The Evo is the new precision variable speed chain hoist controller from Kinesys. Approved to BGV C1, it offers true zero speed performance - allowing the motors to "hover" without brakes being applied for the most subtle of slow movement cues and instantaneous reaction. There are also a multitude of safety and user features.
An integrated loadcell provides precise load information for both controller and the operator, while incremental and absolute encoders offer ultra accurate and secure positioning. An innovative data and emergency stop system ensures Category 4 safety, removing the need for custom power distribution.


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