Kinesys offers two types of training in conjunction with its distributors and partners. These training sessions are suitable for beginners and more advanced users and mix classroom time with hands on experience.

Basic Technical Training & Vector – USA and UK

2 day course

This training course provides a technical overview of Kinesys products, how they work together, basic troubleshooting skills and an in depth look at Vector.

The first day concentrates on providing a solid foundation of knowledge of the Kinesys systems, including looking in detail at key products and getting to grips with larger systems. The second day is built around using, understanding and becoming familiar with Vector. Key areas covered during the day include setting up a system, programming basic and complex moves and recording and linking cues. The course is suitable for all skill ranges, from those who have never seen a Kinesys system before to more experienced users looking to hone their skills.




Basic Technical Training & Vector courses will be running on the following dates and will cost $750 per person.

  • Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th February 2019
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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February 2019

Tuesday 19th & Wednesday 20th

K2 – USA and UK

2 day course

The K2 software training course aims to give users the skills to programme and operate K2 on simple and complex shows quickly, easily and safely. Starting with the basic concepts and working up to advanced programming, attendees will have the opportunity to get hands on experience of the K2 system and gain key skills.

The course is run with the expectation that attendees will have a good working knowledge of Kinesys equipment. It is recommended that you have used Kinesys equipment before or have attended a Technical Training course, before attending this course.

Do you need to pay VAT?

VAT is currently payable at 20% in the UK, and needs to be paid upfront by everyone booking a training course except:

  • an EU company which can supply a valid VAT number and proof of being in business in the EU
  • a non EU company, with proof of company incorporation
  • UK – Individual – VAT payable

    UK – Company – VAT payable

  • EU Individual – VAT payable

    EU Company – No VAT payable if a valid VAT number and proof of being in business in the EU is provided.

  • None EU Individual – VAT payable

    None EU Company – No VAT payable if proof of company incorporation is provided.

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